• Acoustix, 1990 International Quartet Champions
  • American Quartet
  • The Boston Common (quartet), 1980 International Quartet Champions. Many (including FRED) believe they should have won much earlier. To quote a FRED song, "They won in 74 and 75 and 77 and 78 and 79 and finally in 80. What were you thinking!?"
  • The Buffalo Bills, 1950 International Quartet Champions, appeared in stage and screen productions of The Music Man, frequently appeared on Arthur Godfrey's radio show
  • The Dapper Dans of Disneyland, regularly appearing at Disneyland and Disneyworld, as The Be Sharps in a Simpsons episode, and as the Singing Busts in Disney's 2003 Haunted Mansion movie
  • The Fishbowl Boys, started in 2006, one of South Australia's youngest quartets, and current Australian school barbershop champions[10]
  • Four Voices, 2002 International Quartet Champions
  • FRED, 1999 International Quartet Champions, Comedy Quartet
  • The Gas House Gang, 1993 International Quartet Champions (from St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Gotcha!, 2004 International Quartet Champions
  • Happiness Emporium[13], 1975 International Quartet Champions - Still active and performing
  • The Haydn Quartet, early 1900s quartet
  • Max Q (quartet), 2007 International Quartet Champions
  • Metropolis, International Medalist Quartet (2002-2006), 1998 Grand National A Cappella Champions (Harmony Sweepstakes), Popular Comedy Quartet
  • Michigan Jake, 2001 International Quartet Champions
  • Nightlife, 1996 International Quartet Champions, all four were members of the Masters of Harmony (see choruses below) at the time of their win in Salt Lake City, UT. Only the second quartet to achieve this honour (first was Bluegrass Student Union).
  • Platinum, 2000 International Quartet Champions
  • Power Play, 2003 International Quartet Champions
  • Realtime, 2005 International Quartet Champions
  • Reprise, 2001 International Collegiate Champions
  • The Singing Senators, a quartet of Republican U.S. Senators
  • The Suntones, 1961 International Quartet Champions
  • Vocal Spectrum[14], 2004 collegiate champions and 2006 International Quartet Champions


Typical barbershop songs

Barbershop Harmony Society's Barberpole Cat Songs "Polecats" songs which all Barbershop Harmony Society members are encouraged to learn as a shared repertoire all famous, traditional examples of the genre:

There are also several other well-known songs in the genre. Some are considered standards, such as "From the First Hello" and "Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby", while others are well-known because notable quartets are associated with them. An example of the latter is "Come Fly with Me", which gained popularity through association with the 2005 international quartet champion, Realtime.

Examples of other songs popular in the barbershop genre are:

"Lida Rose" is a song beloved to barbershoppers from Meredith Willson's musical comedy The Music Man. A barbershop quartet forms an integral part of the story, and was played by the Buffalo Bills onstage and in the screen adaptation.

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